Theatre Tech Internship

Spring 2019
February 20 to May 1, 2019

  • Program intended for students 18 – 26, who are concurrently enrolled in media and live production classes. Others with background knowledge in the field may apply.
  • Currently enrolled students may apply for college credit.
  • Wednesdays 2PM - 6PM, plus 4 flexible work hours per week
  • Class Description
    Students will learn to set up and break down sound equipment on indoor and outdoor stages. They will learn to mix and record live sound, light performers and create ambient room lighting, project videos, manage the stage and gain other event production skills. Students will support live events at the Bayview Opera House in the later part of the program.
  • Paid work opportunities for strong students.
  • Free Program, 104 hours (96 hours mandatory)
    52 hours of instruction, Wednesdays 2-6PM
    52 hours additional work projects
  • Internship Curriculum
  • Apply NOW. Open to up to 10 students.


"I learned more in this internship that is truly useful to my career goals than in all my college classes combined."

John Wallace, Class of 2017

"The Bayview Opera House's Theatre Tech Internship gave me a lot of practical experience and opened new doors for me. I will be attending graduate school at NYU this fall."

Hyakub Herring, Class of 2017

"I took the Theatre Tech Internship last fall, and got the opportunity to apply my new skills during various events after graduation. I now work full-time for Bayview Opera House as Assistant Production Manager."

Zarahia Perdomo, Class of 2017