Artist Spotlight: Raissa Simpson/PUSH Dance Co.

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Giving the Spotlight to Raissa Simpson! BVOH is committed to amplifying the creativity/supporting the productions of progressive and visionary Black artists in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We would be remiss to not give a special spotlight to our very own Resident Artist, Raissa Simpson, Founder and Artistic Director of PUSH Dance Company.

Check out the interview above between Raissa and BVOH Production Manager, Z Perdomo, to learn more about PUSH, Raissa’s/PUSH’s relationship with BVOH and how that has been evolving and deepening over time, and of course, what we all want to know: how has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected PUSH and how has Raissa/PUSH navigated through the Shelter In Place order and the “artistic shutdown” that came from it.


Want to know a bit more about how the Raissa Simpson x PUSH Dance Co. x BVOH relationship came to be? Read this “Recap” by Raissa as she talks about the Codelining 2.0 project and what moved her to take BVOH up as an artistic partner.

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To find out more about the work that Raissa and PUSH are doing, and learn about ways that you can support the work and help promote their creations please go to:!

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