BVOH and VisionZero SF: Safety – It’s Your Turn

Safety it's YOUR turn.

BVOH is partnering with VisionZero SF on an artistic public service campaign to bring awareness to dangerous intersections in Bayview/Hunters Point and promote tips and alternatives to driving to help encourage community awareness and safety. Make sure you check the BVOH social media pages for posts about Left Turns as well as our Spotlight the Stairs brochure and more!

Safety Eng copy

Some driving situations cause more stress than others. Freeway merges. Parallel parking. Or the dreaded left turn. In busy cities like SF, left turns can be a real challenge. They can also be really dangerous—especially for people crossing the street as cars are turning.

When we all do our part, we make the street safer for everyone and create opportunities for people to turn off their cars and turn toward new ways of getting around.

It’s like they say—one good turn deserves another!

Safety—It’s your turn.

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