BVOH x SFMTA x VisionZeroSF : Bayview is Beautiful Brochure


For another aspect of our collaboration with the SFMTA and VisionZeroSF “Left Turns” project was the creation of our “Bayview is Beautiful” tri-fold brochure. For this brochure we felt it was important to not only highlight alternatives to driving like walking, dancing, skating or playing, but also highlight the beautiful people and hidden gems within the Bayview/Hunters Point community.

For this project BVOH staff worked closely with photographer Devi Pride and graphic designer William Ramirez and made models out of some of our favorite Bayview neighbors – the Beauty of Bayview is all around you, you just have to stop and look!

Keep an eye out for printed brochures that will be circulating in Bayview/Hunters Point.

Screen Shot 2021 04 23 at 10.39.45 PM

Brochure Models: Jarrel Phillips, Angelique Tompkins and Courtney Jones of The san Francisco Chapter of the Links and the Hillman Family (the First Family of Shekinah Christian Fellowship)

Locations Featured: Flights of Fancy Stairway (Innes Avenue and Aurelius Walker Way), Quesada Gardens Tiled Steps (Quesada Avenue between 3rd and Newhall) and the staircase located at the corner of 3rd Street and Thornton Avenue.

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