BVOH x SFMTA x VisionZeroSF: We Love To See Us Doing Good

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This Spring (2021) BVOH was commissioned by the SFMTA and VisionZeroSF “Left Turn Project” to produce three video PSAs promoting making safe left turns. We engaged the well-known painter and quintessential Bayview artist, Malik Seneferu to paint in the middle of the street, and asking the viewer to “See Us.” This refers to more than only traffic safety, and we were able to make the connection to larger problems affecting the Black community. We licensed the song “I Love To See My People Doing Good” for the video from another Bayview artist, rapper GoodBrutha. The song was chosen not only to amplify a local artist but also to encourage the community to “Do Good” while driving and navigating the community. Check out the video below!

*Contact Malik Seneferu at if interested in purchasing this painting.

Malik Seneferu is a beloved Bayview/Hunters Point/Bay Area painter, muralist, educator and community advocate. Recently, as a response to the increased incidents of police brutality against the African American Community (in particular the slaying of George Floyd), Malik participated in the creation of the Black Lives Matter street murals that are in San Francisco and Oakland. Currently, Malik is collaborating with BVOH and The San Francisco Chapter of the Links to teach the Sankofa Days: Clear the Air workshop series.

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