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Virtual Production Fundamentals

Turn On The Lights and Unmute Your Mic!

Who? <->YOU!

What? <-> Virtual Workshop Series

Where? <-> ZOOM

When? <-> Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pm – 7:00pm beginning May 4th, 2021

Why? <-> Because BVOH understands the struggle of trying to be both an artist and a technician during these virtual times and we want to help.

Though venues are slowly starting to open up, it will still take quite some time before live performances return to their full capacity, but, artists still need to create, their work still needs to be seen and money still needs to be earned. The Virtual Production Fundamentals workshop series, facilitated by BVOH Production Manager Z Perdomo and BVOH Theater Manager Ashley Smiley, breaks down the various aspects of virtual production from conception to completion with the intention of educating artists and community members on how to put their best foot forward while navigating the ever-expanding virtual world.

To register/For more information go here: Virtual Production Fundamentals: Registration

Want more information? Feel free to contact us at:

Virtual Production Fundamentals

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