Broken Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre tile sign

We need your support to replace the vandalized sign. 
Let's raise $10,000 to replace it with an even better sign!

Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre Sign Suffers Vandalism


Last night someone vandalized our beloved tile sign proclaiming the building's official name, the Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre. The tile mural was created by Bayview children as part of Bayview Opera House's Children's Mural Program in 2007, and its installation was supported by SWA group. The entire Opera House family is grief-stricken that someone destroyed our children's beautiful work that celebrated community hero and namesake of our building, the late Ruth Williams.


Theo Ellington, Bayview Opera House's Board President

Theo Ellington
BVOH Board President

 "The Bayview Opera House is the most prized asset of our community. We all have a responsibility to maintain it, so that it's around for future generations.

Our Dare 2 Dream ARTS program teaches art to more than 300 Bayview children annually. 

Our teen workshops offer theatre tech job skills and artistic skill development.

Our free movie nights and 3rd on Third community events bring the community together and highlight local African American history and culture."

George Williams

George Williams
Son of Ruth Williams

"To my Bayview Hunters Point community...I am sorry to inform you that someone has vandalized the Ruth Williams Memorial tile sign honoring my mother. The vandals are obviously foolish individuals with no self worth or pride in our community not respect for people like my my mother who helped make the Bayview better. However, we will make her honored name on the Bayview Opera House biggerm stronger and prouder. Please help support this effort and continue your support for our community."


Theatre Tech Worekshop
Theatre Tech Workshop - teens learn to properly coil speaker cables.
Reading on our lawn
Reading on our lawn
Broken Tile
Broken children's tile

The City of San Francisco recently invested 5.7 million in a major renovation project that was completed in 2016. We are extremely proud of our facility, and steward it to the best of our ability. We take pride in making sure that everything is clean, organized and in working order. We respect our community by offering a clean, welcoming space, that provides youth artists with the same professional service as nationally known touring acts.

Any questions? Please call 415-824-0386!

Bayview Opera House Programs


Full calendar of artistic performances in theatre, dance, music and multi-media.


Black Light Cinema

Movie series focusing on current social, economic, political and emotional issues of concern to communities of color.

Curated by Allegra Madsen

Artists in Residence

We collaborate with artists in a variety of fields in applying for grants that allow us to commission and present new works. By invitation only.

Theatre Tech Internship

High school and young college age students participate in 3-month-long workshops that teach the ins and outs of live production. Live sound, theatre lighting and video projection, stage and house management.

3rd on Third

Free monthly community events with attractions for the whole family during the summer and the holiday season.

Historic Preservation

Stewardship of our 1888 historic building is an ongoing commitment. Most recently our building was painted in a beautiful contemporary color pattern. We are looking forward to renovating our food prep area this year.

Heritage Gallery

Visual art exhibits feature contemporary Bay Area artists in changing displays that deal with issues affecting our community. Artist talks and receptions.

Dare 2 Dream ARTS

The Dare 2 Dream ARTS youth enrichment program teaches art, dance, theatre, yoga and more to Bayview elementary school students after school and in the summer.

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