The Dream Keeper Initiative is a new, citywide effort to reinvest $120 million over the next two years from law enforcement into San Francisco’s Black and AfricanAmerican community, starting July 1, 2021. The initiative is led by the Human Rights Commission under the leadership for Director Dr. Sheryl Davis. Read more

The money is being distributed to several City departments to grant the funding in different areas. For example, a total of 2.1 million has been designated to support arts and culture, and 6.1 million is going towards workforce development.

Bayview Opera House has been awarded grants in the arts and culture and workforce training for artists sectors, and we are preparing to accept applications from artists and arts organizations, both for support of cultural events, and for participation in professional development programs for artists.

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African American Cultural Events

Bayview Opera House has teamed up with the African American Arts and Cultural District for a program of mini grants in support of preserving the African American culture through public events in the Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill neighborhoods.

Tech interns at work

Professional Development for Performing and Visual Artists

Bayview Opera House will support two cohorts of artists, one for performing, the other for visual artists, with training in various areas where artists need additional development and support. Topics will revolve around technical skills such as live sound, lighting and stage management for performing artists, and photographing artwork, selling and pricing artworks for visual artists. Both cohorts will learn marketing, general business and fundraising skills, with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency and being able to make a living as artists. Individual coaching will also be offered, and artists will receive a stipend for participation.

Tech interns at work

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