For the (Art) and Culture: Campo Santo’s “Hotel Angulo”

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Join Campo Santo and BVOH for the premiere party to celebrate and listen to:

“Hotel Angulo” by Luis Saguar, the inaugural audio production by Campo Santo, 2021

Friday April 09, 2021

6:30 pre-show live DJ set from Wonway Posibul

7pm- listening party with projections by Joan Osato

9pm- talk back and online hang with Campo Santo

You MUST register and reserve a space through eventbrite to attend.

Tickets are FREE- ALL DONATIONS- all money goes directly to support Campo Santo and the artists involved!

Hang with Campo Santo Familia and be the first to hear this premiere piece by the legendary late and even greater Luis Saguar. This audio project celebrates the legacy of Luis Saguar again- and also marks the 20th anniversary since the live world premiere of his play in 2001 at Intersection for the Arts.

After a year of shelter- in- place- Campo Santo has stayed non stop: been steady with our development of new works in our writing lab- Clika- developing dozens of news works for the future; filming Star Finch’s amazing play Side Effects (which was in rehearsal when shelter-in-place took effect); A.M. Smiley jumped us in the online game with the creation of the online short series The New Normal; and many more projects and details to come– we finally are now dropping our first audio project!

This play was Saguar’s master work, the only play he saw to its premiere. Hotel Angulo was developed for several years in Campo Santo’s former, long term residency while with Intersection for the Arts, in the old Valencia Street location. The play follows the lives of residents, dwellers, buyers, sellers in and out of the Hotel Angulo in the Mission District. The hotel is modeled after the SRO style motels that dot the Mission District, in theory for low income living, but often make way for slumlords to rule, and for those with nowhere else to go to end up. Saguar invites us into the real deal life of the ‘dopefeen’- straight up, no chaser. In Hotel Angulo, Saguar crafted a one of a kind portrait inside the heart and humanity of this life. Documentary like detail, void of self pity or glorification, this is a pulsating and poetic play that encompassed a soulful, musical, poetic, and veterano San Francisco voice.

Luis Saguar was and remains a beloved corazón of the community, theatre, and film world. Luis was co-founder of Campo Santo and forever changed many with his presence, wisdom, love, and talents. For Campo Santo, he created roles for great writers including Jessica Hagedorn, Naomi iizuka, Denis Johnson, Greg Sarris, Octavio Solis, John Steppling and even more. Saguar enjoyed work in the film industry while remaining in the Bay, highlighted with being featured in films of John Sayles (“Lone Star”), Joel Schumacher (“Flawless”), among his many credits. Luis sadly passed in 2009, leaving behind a lovely daughter and wife, and a legion of those he touched and moved.

This audio production is directed by Campo Santo co-founder and original director Margo Hal, with a cast full of heavy hitters led by the gift of Catherine Castellanos and Donald Lacy returning from the original production in the parts they created. The legend Rhodesssa Jones heads as a narrative voice of conscience, with Hall herself is also featured in the cast of All Stars: Juan Amador, Michael Cheng, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, and Sean San José.

The production is features an original score from Saucy, with sound design by Christopher Sauceda with assistance and engineering expertise from Thayer Walker, lowdownhaus, and Alejandro Acosta.

Hotel Angulo by Luis Saguar

This is the inaugural audio production by Campo Santo, 2021

Hotel Angulo written by Luis Saguar

Presented and Produced by Campo Santo

Directed by Margo Hall

Performed by Campo Santo’s:

Juan Amador as Chanclas

Catherine Castellanos as Carol

Michael Cheng as Pilot

Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe as Gene

Margo Hall as Tina

Rhodessa Jones as BB

Donald E. Lacy, Jr. as Bennie

Sean San José as Mike

Original Score by Saucy

Sound Design by Christopher Michael Sauceda

With assistance from Alejandro Acosta

Sound Engineering by Thayer Walker, Sound Post Production by lowdownhaus

Hotel Angulo by Luis Saguar had a live world premiere production in 2001

Produced by Intersection for the Arts and Campo Santo

Gratitude to the entire original company of performers and designers

The closing song is sung by the incomparable Scheherazade Stone from the original production

This audio production is dedicated con puro corazón to Nancy and Carmela Saguar!

More information on Campo Santo, please find on the socials at: @camposantosf

Campo Santo Producing Director: Joan Osato

Program Director: Sean San José, Production Manager: Brittany White

Projects Manager: A.M. Smiley, Resident Writer: Star Finch

Thank you to The Wallace and Alexander Gerbode Foundation for additional support.

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