The Historic Bayview Opera House

The Opera House is the heartbeat of the community, the home of black arts, culture, and social change messaging through creativity. We cultivate access for all Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill residents into arts and culture. It’s our goal to keep folks well informed, entertained, and more importantly offering them a platform to power meaningful social impact. Through our arts, culture, and training programs RWOH is expanding our work towards the Latinx, Indigenous and AAPI community members to break the cycle of poverty and recidivism in the criminal justice system for all the families in Bayview. We know you share our vision. We look forward to your continued support as we move into bold new territory.

D10 Black Arts Grant

It’s a critical time in our history, a time when your support represents a significant investment in our programming to provide positive change in our community. The lives we change, the skills we teach, the jobs we create, the healing—is worth your investment. We need donors like you, who believe that arts education and culture is the best investment we can make in elevating the lives of our children and strengthening our community. Remember your donations ignites the engine that keeps this cultural institution rising!
This program is funded by the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development [Econ] and Dreamkeeper Initiative.

Tools of the Trade 

Tools of the Trade is a professional and artist development program dedicated to providing access to various resources within the Bay Area Performing Arts Industry including but not limited to production fundamentals (lighting, sound/audio engineering, stage management, box office, etc.). Performance fundamentals (creative writing, techniques, text interpretation, composition, etc.). Also, financial sustainability tax workshops, grant-writing courses, creative entrepreneurship, and more. The goal of Tools of the Trade is to expose artists and creatives of all backgrounds to various careers in performing arts and the viability of sustaining a healthy and stable lifestyle in the Bay Area.
Tools of the Trade is funded by the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development [Workforce] and the SF Dreamkeeper Initiative. 
The Ruth Williams Artist in Residence program provides black artists in Bayview with financial and spatial support to develop and produce original events, performances, and programming for their community. We provide four artists, each representing a creative discipline (Music, Dance, Film, Theatre respectively) a salary of $40,000 as well as a separate amount of $7500 to spend on their programming and culminating event.  Projects range from concerts to summer camps to fashion shows to genealogy workshops to film screenings to dance battles, all with the intention of providing Black/BIPOC artists with what they are often in need of the most – a space to call home, time to create, and funds to ease the stress of bills. 
The AIR program is funded by the SF Human Rights Commission and the SF Dreamkeeper Initiative.

Black on Both Sides

Black on Both Sides is a multidisciplinary of changemakers & cultural architects leveraging Black Art to build community power, shift narratives, and reimagine urban spaces in San Francisco and Oakland.

A Changemaker is a leader actively working to challenge existing systems to make impact and transform their community through advocacy, entrepreneurship, community organizing, or philanthropy.

What is a cultural architect? An artist or creative that influences and shapes a way of life in a defined geographic space with the intention of preservation, development, or transformation of identities, beliefs, or societal norms.

Over the next 6-months we will work collectively to achieve the following:

  • Better defined social agency and expanded capacity to make impact.
  • A platform for thought leadership to expand our network and scale work.
  • Increase competency around movement building, system change, and storytelling.
  • Creative cultural enrichment aimed to preserve, celebrate, or transform Black lives.