Theatre Tech Program


The new expanded Theater Tech Intership will be based on best practices in the virtual realm as well as our traditional Theater Tech Internship curriculum.

Featuring material relevant to an environment where artists need to be able to function virtually and in-person. As soon as we are safely able we are set to begin the next session of our tech internship.

This session will also be open to artists looking to navigate both the physical and virtual environments.

Please check back for further updates or email us at


"I learned more in this internship that is truly useful to my career goals than in all my college classes combined."

John Wallace, Class of 2017

"The Bayview Opera House's Theatre Tech Internship gave me a lot of practical experience and opened new doors for me. I will be attending graduate school at NYU this fall."

Hyakub Herring, Class of 2017

"I took the Theatre Tech Internship last fall, and got the opportunity to apply my new skills during various events after graduation. I now work full-time for Bayview Opera House as Assistant Production Manager."

Zarahia Perdomo, Class of 2017

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