World Premiere: The Joy Protocol feat. Richard Howell and dawsondancesf


The Bayview Opera House is excited, humbled and honored to present the World Premiere of The Joy Protocol, a new artistic collaboration between internationally acclaimed choreographer Gregory Dawson (dawsondancesf) and acclaimed Jazz musician and composer Richard Howell inspired by Richard Howell’s album of the same name.


World Premiere: The Joy Protocol

Lead Artists: Gregory Dawson (choreographer) and Richard Howell (composer)

Location: Ruth Williams Memorial Theater

Presenting Organizations: Bayview Opera House Inc., dawsondancesf, Howell

Performance Dates:

Thursday, June 16th, 2022 ~ 8:00pm (Opening Night)

Friday, June 17th, 2022 ~ 8:00pm (Community Day)

Saturday, June 18th, 2022 ~ 8:00pm (Closing Night)

Doors Open at 7:30pm

Ticket Link:

*All ages, bar/concessions sold onsite, parking lot and street parking available

*ADA accessible

*Accessible by public transportation and ride share


Premiering at the Bayview Opera House Ruth Williams Memorial Theater and conceived during a time where local, national and global mandates around COVID-19, travel and gathering were dictating the human experience and polarizing communities, The Joy Protocol, inspired by a new album from Richard Howell of the same name, seeks to mandate Joy. Dawson states, “We all reach for joy, it sustains us and gives way to light. We embrace it as though it was the fragrance of a flower. It stimulates the memory senses that brings warmth to spirit,happiness to our hearts. It brings meaning to our very existence.”, a much needed change from the rigid and restrictive protocols of existence we now find ourselves slowly moving away from as restrictions have begun lifting. Through the debut of this multidisciplinary collaboration featuring new music and choreography from Howell and Dawson respectively, the duo urge the audience to make the seeking out and experiencing of Joy the new “protocol” and offering imaginings of how that journey and experience might manifest.

This event is supported by the Bayview Uncut: Secure the B.A.G. program managed by Bayview Opera House with support from SFAAACD, Dream Keeper Initiative SF and the SFOEWD Invest in Neighborhoods program.


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